3 July 2014

Design By Humans 20% off code

Design By Humans shop

Use code FREEDOM2014 on Design By Humans to receive a 20% discount. Also, all tanks are at $12. The offer is valid until 10th July 2014.

1 July 2014

Color choice on TeePublic store!

Linkachu color choice

TeePublic now supports multiple tee colors! I've updated my shop and now you can choose your preferred color for my designs!

15 June 2014

Zarkan Designs shop on Design By Humans

Design By Humans shop

Starting from today Zarkan Designs are also available on Design By Humans shop.

If you stop by, for today only you can grab tees with free international shipping using the discount code DBH400K!

12 June 2014


My latest design "Banana!" is dedicated to every minions lovers out there!

"Banana!" is currently up for voting on Qwertee. If you like it, please drop a vote and a comment here! But as usual it is also available on my permanent portfolios.

Banana! on TeePublic

First quick sketch

If you're interested in the wallpaper please let me know in the comments, I'll gladly make it available! :)


10 June 2014

Han with Friend on sale on OtherTees

It's dangerous to go "solo", take a wookiee with you!

"Han with Friend" is currently on sale on OtherTees. You only have 48 hours to grab it before it disappears!

More info on this design here.


Who ya gonna call?
You know the feeling: you're about to see a movie, read a book or watch a tv episode when someone accidentally spoils you what is about to happen. My latest tee design "Spoilerbusters" is exactly about that feeling. Of course this is dedicated in particular to our beloved GRRM's "Game of Thrones" and all the rage regarding its related spoilers, but it can be applied to any genre, series or media. It's also a homage to the 30th anniversary of the cult movie "Ghostbusters".

"Spoilerbusters" is up for voting on Qwertee and is also available for sale right now on my permanent shops.

Vote for Spoilerbusters on Qwertee

Spoilerbusters TeePublic preview

George, please hurry up finishing the books! We can't wait!!

The first sketch

4 June 2014

Zarkan NeatoShop is online!

Zarkan Designs

I'm proud to announce that my tee designs are available from today also on NeatoShop! Please check it out and tell me what you think of it! Any feedback is welcome!

30 May 2014


"Linka linka... linka-chuuuu!"
My latest t-shirt design is a Pok√©mon/Zelda mashup titled "Linkachu" and it's currently up for voting on Qwertee. If you like it, please vote and share it, thank you!

Otherwise you can always...

This was the design that took me the most to complete so far. I mistook it for an easy task, but it actually took me an enormous amount of work to come up with the final look. Drawing Pikachu was easy, but everything else proved to be a challenge. Drawing the sword and the shield was time-consuming, and I had to experiment a lot on the lightnings, hat and blouse. I tried at least twenty different ways to draw the hat for example. I deeply thank everyone in the Facebook group Italian Tee-signers for the precious advices.

An example of a few tests

After all the time I've spent on this design I must say that I love working with vector graphics! I'm having a lot of fun designing t-shirts and I thank everyone for their support, comments and advices! Thank you guys!

As always, I've made available for free the wallpapers. You can find them here.

Han with Friend on Qwertee for 48 hours only!

Han with Friend on Qwertee
My tee "Han with Friend" is on sale on Qwertee right now! You only have 48 hours to grab it!

More infos and free wallpaper here.

22 May 2014

101010 on sale on Limiteed.com for 48 hours only!

101010 on Limiteed.com

My design 101010 is currently on sale on Limiteed at €10/$12 for 48 hours only!

You can read more about this design on the original post.

20 May 2014

My Neighbor Jabba

Jabba just wants to be cuddled!

"My Neighbor Jabba" is a mashup between Star Wars and My Neighbor Totoro. Here we have a cute little baby Leia rubbing Jabba's nose, just like Mei did to Totoro when they first met.

My Neighbor Jabba is up for voting on Qwertee. If you like it, please vote and share it!

My Neighbor Jabba on Qwertee

Or, if you can't wait wearing this tee (which is good of course), you can buy it right now at TeePublic on a slighty darker green, at RedBubble on the color of your choice or at NeatoShop.

My Neighbor Jabba on TeePublic

This is my eighth t-shirt design and the second one that I drew with my new Wacom tablet. Since I had a lot of fun drawing and designing Han with Friend, I decided to give another shot at the funny/cute Star Wars theme. This time though I didn't use Photoshop at all and worked 100% in Illustrator.

It took me roughly two weeks of work to come up with the final look of this design (not full-time of course, I'm doing this in my free time). While Jabba's face was ready within five minutes, it took me a lot of trial-and-error to design the logo and to balance everything "correctly".

As always, you can download freely the wallpaper at this address.

18 May 2014

Periodic Plumber Table now on Qwertee!

Periodic Plumber Table on Qwertee
My design "Periodic Plumber Table" is currently on sale on Qwertee and will be available only for the next 48 hours! Better hurry if you want to satisfy your nerdy thirst! ;)

More info on this design (and free wallpaper) on the original post here.

16 May 2014

Periodic Mario Table poster

Starting from today, you can unleash your inner nerdiness and buy at RedBubble the poster, card or print in various sizes of Periodic Mario Table.

You can find more info on this design on the original post.

14 May 2014

Every tee on TeePublic in on sale!

Every tee on TeePublic (not just mine) will be on sale for the next two-and-a-half days! Better hurry before it's too late!

8 May 2014

Han with Friend on sale on TeePublic

"Han with Friend" is on sale on TeePublic, with a launch price of $14 for a limited time only. CLICK HERE and grab it before it lasts!

You can read more on this design and download the free wallpapers on this page.

6 May 2014

Han with Friend

It's dangerous to go "solo", take a wookiee with you!

"Han with Friend" is my seventh t-shirt design and my tribute to May the 4th (Be with You), the unofficial Star Wars "holiday". I had a lot of fun working on it and I'm quite happy with the final look.

"Han with Friend" is currently available on my TeePublic, RedBubble, Design by Humans and NeatoShop portfolios.

Previously, it went on sale on Qwertee and OtherTees for a limited time.

Han with Friend on Qwertee

During its voting phase on Qwertee it received 1751 votes. Initially submitted on Sports Grey, it underwent a vote on Facebook to decide the final tee color. Charcoal turned out as the most popular choice. Finally, it was printed on May 29th 2014.

The possible choices during the voting phase on facebook

Original Sports Grey submission

On OtherTees it went on sale on June 10 2014 for 48 hours only.

Han with Friend on OtherTees

This was actually the first time I've drawn 100% digitally a design, thanks to my new Wacom tablet, and it was fun to experiment with this kind of technique. First I drew the sketch, then I re-drew in vectors every line, experimenting with stroke size and shape. When the drawing was complete I played around with colors and halftoned the hair/fur shades and red cheeks. The finishing touches were the shadows and the white outline.

First rough sketch

As usual, you can download freely the wallpaper at this address. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a particular resolution.

5 May 2014

RedBubble Portfolio online!

My RedBubble page is online and contains all of my current designs. I'll keep it up to date with any future work. Stay tuned!

TeePublic Portfolio online!

My TeePublic profile page is online and contains the complete portfolio of my current designs. While I'm typing, 5 out of 6 of my designs are on sale for a limited time at $14 instead of $20. Grab them while it lasts!

I'll keep my TeePublic portoflio up to date with all of my future design so... stay tuned and don't forget to periodically check for any sale!

2 May 2014

Testing my new graphics tablet...

Recently I bought my first graphics tablet: a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch. Last week I was busy testing it and trying to get used to it. It's a great product but it isn't easy to adapt to this way of drawing. But I think I'm slowly getting into it... and it has a ton of potential! I'm deeply satisfied of this purchase!

Here's my precious!

28 April 2014

Star Droids on sale on TeePublic

Star Droids is on sale on TeePublic for $14 for a limited time only! Grab it while it lasts!

Star Droids has been published on Zarkan Designs for the first time on 11 April 2014. Click here for more info, free wallpaper and funny Obi-Wan cameo

23 April 2014

Jimmy Bolton (or Roose Wales?)

Have you ever noticed how much Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and Michael McElhatton (the actor playing Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones) look alike? Shall we call them Jimmy Bolton? Or Roose Wales?

Be careful on the next Wikipedia donation campaign, or you might end up flayed if you are not generous!

15 April 2014

101010 on sale today!

"101010" is on sale on Qwertee for a limited time only! You only have 48 hours to grab it!

This design, a quote from Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", has a concept based on the duality of complex questions and simple answers. The number "42" is made of pattern of "101010" (which is 42 in binary) while "THE ANSWER" is made by the words "life", "universe" and "everything". Thus, the idea I wanted to convey is that complex questions can be hidden inside very simple answers. Even the apparently plain and obvious football-like style has been chosen to strengthen this concept: simple and common things can have complex meaning inside, and vice-versa.

Initially I had the entire "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything" phrase on the design, but I felt it was too cumbersome. I tried to rearrange the words, rotate them, writing them in vertical but still it was too "heavy", too complicated. Then I came up with the idea of the pattern. First I tried only with the "42" but it was too simplistic, then I added "THE ANSWER" above... and I knew that was the perfect solution. It was familiar but not trivial. From there on, it was just a matter of choosing the right colors, dimensions and shape. The "101010" for example had to look like computer code, but at the same time the various rows had to look good and not too boring or repetitive, so I created a pattern which consisted of 7 differently-aligned rows, separating the 101010s with a dash. The same with "life", "universe" and "everything". The big characters are black, but the small ones make them seem blue overall, a nice "familiar" color with which I wanted to convey a sort of confident consciousness and security. Blue is also the color of depth and intellect, so I felt that was the right choice.

What are you waiting for? Go to Qwertee and get one while it lasts!

12 April 2014

Periodic Mario Table

Periodic Mario Table

What does the periodic table of elements have in common with Mario? Nothing, apparently. But what if we try to put in a table the main characters and monsters of the franchise as if they were elements, with hypothetical symbol and "atomic number"? And what if the table had the appearance of the classic 8-bit Mario sprite?

"Periodic Mario Table", my sixth t-shirt design, is the periodic table of elements reimagined as a table of Mario characters organized in the classic original 8-bit Mario sprite shape. Can you recognize all the "elements"?

Final look as seen on Qwertee

Nothing scientific, of course, but this concept proved to be quite a challenge. First of all, the Mario characters are more than a thousand. The sprite has "only" 144 pixels, so I had choose which characters to include and which to omit. How to order them, then? And which colors to choose?

The first problem was to make a selection of what I felt were the most important 144 characters. I created an Excel spreadsheet with all the characters taken from Super Mario Wiki and began filtering them based on my knowledge and preferences. Then I ordered the list by the first time that speficic character first appeared in a game. Then rearranged the order by logic, aesthetic look and common sense: for example I wanted to put the main characters first, then the main antagonists. Another example was ending with the "Z" letter. Once I had the final order, I assigned the number and the symbol to each character.

Please advise me if you notice that a particularly important character has been forgotten!

Once I had the complete table filled, I had to choose the colors. I wanted to print this design on a t-shirt, so I had to limit myself to the average five colors maximum. Initially I used the original first Mario colors, but then I decided to go for a more modern and vivid palette. Here's a comparison of the two versions.

Periodic Mario Table work in progress

Like previous designs, you can download freely the wallpaper here. You can also buy the poster, card or print in various sizes at RedBubble.

Periodic Mario Table poster

This design has been printed on Qwertee on May 18th 2014. This is the initial mockup that I submitted.

Periodic Mario Table t-shirt first mockup

11 April 2014

Kiki and Jiji's Flight

Next in line as my fifth design, "Kiki and Jiji's Flight" is a take on the classic Studio Ghibli movie "Kiki's Delivery Service".

I was in doubt if going for a "sunny" feel like this or a more nightly atmosphere. This was in fact the initial protoype:

In the end I felt the daily one could have been more popular so I went in that direction. You can find the Qwertee entry here. As a freebie, like I did with Star Droids, I made available for download freely the wallpapers for desktop and mobile.

You can download the wallpapers here. Feel free to ask if you need a yet unavailable resolution.

W for Wendetta

"W for Wendetta" is my fourth design and a mashup between "V for Vendetta" and Wario. Actually double design, since I couldn't decide between a more popular but less original black version and a more "fun" red version. It didn't matter anyway, because apparently it wasn't popular in either versions and took very few votes. Maybe Wario is not a well known or widely popular character. Not like Guy Fawkes at least...

Anyway, here's the link the Qwertee entry, where you can make fun of me for getting so few votes. Or, you can always...

Fun note: during design I accidentally deleted the source file, so I had to redo everything from scratch. A lot of work for nothing!

Half-Life 3 Confirmed!

Lambda Lambda Lambda. Three Lambdas. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

"Half-Life 3 Confirmed!" it's the title of my third t-shirt design. It's a joke between the "Revenge of the Nerds" fraternity name (Tri-Lambda) and the fabled Half-Life sequel. I liked it, but I was aware it was too nerdy, and in fact it wasn't even selected on Qwertee. Still it was fun to do. It was also a nice exercise in vector graphics and font design, particularly for the "LAMBDA" word, which has the Half-Life lambda and "3" hidden inside. Ironically, it's the least popular... but my favourite so far.

Here's the magnified headcrab in vector graphics (too bad it was too small to be properly noticed):

Headcrab zoomed detail