10 April 2014


Hello world, my name is Massimiliano Rizzi (but you can call me Zarkan) and here I am on a new, wonderful and exciting journey.

Programmer, gamer, music lover, movies enthusiast, INTJ geek and procrastinator extraordinaire, I've always had a knack for drawing since I was a kid, alongside a true passion for technology and computers. My notebooks were always full of scribblings and sketches, but this "artsy" inclination never fully bloomed, while my rational and schematic self ruled most of my life. Which is reflected in my current job as an IT manager and SAP project leader.

Only recently I discovered the world of custom t-shirts and the myriad of sites that offered for a limited time an original and user-submitted design. This somewhat sparkled something in me and fueled a seemigly forgotten artistic vein. Before I could even rationalize it, I was literally brimming with ideas and overwhelmed by inspiration.

So, here I am, armed with my pen and graphic software, challenging this new adventure.

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