11 April 2014

Star Droids

"These are the droids you're looking for!"

This is my first t-shirt design. I submitted it to Qwertee and it was accepted and selected on March 18th 2014. During its three-weeks voting window it received 1155 votes, which is not bad for a first attempt. I like it because it blends two of my favourite themes: Star Wars and Android.

You can find the design on Qwertee on this link, and if it hasn't been printed there yet... wish me luck!

As a bonus, I made freely available for download the wallpaper, both for desktop and mobile. You can find the files in various resolution on Google Drive or Imgur. If you need a particular resolution, just ask!

Up here is the banner I made for teh lulz and to advertise the design, while down below there's an example of how it looks on my Nexus 5.

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