30 May 2014


"Linka linka... linka-chuuuu!"
My latest t-shirt design is a Pok√©mon/Zelda mashup titled "Linkachu" and it's currently up for voting on Qwertee. If you like it, please vote and share it, thank you!

Otherwise you can always...

This was the design that took me the most to complete so far. I mistook it for an easy task, but it actually took me an enormous amount of work to come up with the final look. Drawing Pikachu was easy, but everything else proved to be a challenge. Drawing the sword and the shield was time-consuming, and I had to experiment a lot on the lightnings, hat and blouse. I tried at least twenty different ways to draw the hat for example. I deeply thank everyone in the Facebook group Italian Tee-signers for the precious advices.

An example of a few tests

After all the time I've spent on this design I must say that I love working with vector graphics! I'm having a lot of fun designing t-shirts and I thank everyone for their support, comments and advices! Thank you guys!

As always, I've made available for free the wallpapers. You can find them here.

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