10 June 2014


Who ya gonna call?
You know the feeling: you're about to see a movie, read a book or watch a tv episode when someone accidentally spoils you what is about to happen. My latest tee design "Spoilerbusters" is exactly about that feeling. Of course this is dedicated in particular to our beloved GRRM's "Game of Thrones" and all the rage regarding its related spoilers, but it can be applied to any genre, series or media. It's also a homage to the 30th anniversary of the cult movie "Ghostbusters".

"Spoilerbusters" is up for voting on Qwertee and is also available for sale right now on my permanent shops.

Vote for Spoilerbusters on Qwertee

Spoilerbusters TeePublic preview

George, please hurry up finishing the books! We can't wait!!

The first sketch

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